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Omelet Specialties    
Pancake Specialties
Meat and Cheese $10.99  
Pancakes (4)
(Ham or sausage or bacon and your choice of
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (3)
choice of cheese)    
Short Stack (2)
Spinach Omelet $11.99  
Buckwheat Stack (4)
(Spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, and Swiss cheese    
Short Buckwheat Stack (2)
topped with Hollandaise sauce.)
Blueberry Pancakes (3)
Veggie Omelet $11.50  
(Or Strawberry when in season)
(Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers,
Short Blue Stack (2)
broccoli and cheddar cheese.)    
Banana Pancakes (3)
Canadian Bacon $11.99  
Short Banana Stack (2)
(Canadian bacon, mushrooms, avocado, and    
Banana Nut (3)
cheddar cheese.)    
(Choice of walnuts or pecans)
Fitness $11.50  
Short Banana Nut Stack (2)
(Egg whites, chicken, spinach, broccoli and
(Choice of walnuts or pecans)
Swedish Pancakes
Denver Omelet
(Three french pancakes filled with lingonberry
(Ham, bell peppers, onions and cheddar cheese.)    
butter topped with sliced almonds and powder
Santa Rosa Omelet $11.99  
(Chicken Apple sausage, tomatoes, green onions,
Pancake Sandwich
mushrooms, Pepper Jack cheese topped with sour cream.)
(Three pancakes, with three bacon strips, or,
Monterey Omelet $11.99  
or two sausage links, or two sausage patties, and
(Avocado, bacon, green onions, monterey jack

two eggs.)
cheese topped with Salsa.)    
Slims Breakfast
California Omelet $11.99  
(One pancake, one egg, two bacon strips or
(Turkey, tomato, avocado, green onion and Jack
two sausage links)
cheese omelet.)        
Guacamole Omelet $12.50  
Specialty French Toast
(Bacon, tomato, jack cheese and green onions        
topped with homemade guacamole.)    
(dusted with powder sugar.)
Philly Omelet $12.99      
(Beef or chicken, bell pepper, onions, Jack    
Traditional French Toast
cheese topped with salsa & sour cream.)    
French Toast Sandwich
Anaheim Omelet $11.99  
(Two sausage links or three strips of bacon or two
Bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, green onion, salsa,    
sausage patties and two eggs.)
topped with roasted Anaheim pepper and    
Cinnamon Roll French Toast
sour cream.)     (Apple compote on the side.)  
Fitness $12.99      
(Egg whites, chicken, spinach, broccoli & tomatoes.)        

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